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Repair Damaged Photo's

We can repair any kind of damage to photo's. Including torn or scratched images, water damage, mold and missing pieces.

Removing Shadows

As you may already know if you have shadows in an image you can have the image lightened to reduce the shadows. However, this causes the rest of the image to become washed out and you lose a lot of detail. Our experts will select and lighten the shadows only maintaining the overall quality of detail in the entire photo.

Adding or Removing People or Objects

Group shots are hard enough. But when you forget a shot with someone important it can really ruin an event. Just send us a pic of the group and the person you want added and we can fix that in no time. Like wise if you "need someone out of the picture" as they say. Just send us the image and we will remove them.

Replacing or Removing Background

Just send us an the image and we can replace the background with an image of your choosing or one of our own.

Colorizing Photo's
Colorizing is not limited to just adding color to a black and white photo. We can restore faded color or repair dis-colorization, take color photos and make them black and white or sepia or do partial or full colorization. We can change your hair color, eye color, skin tone,add or change the color of your lipstick, change your eyeshadow color, change the color of your clothes, the list goes on.

Professional Photo Retouching Services

That special day that you planned and prepared for may have a few bumps in the road when it came to your pictures. We can smooth out the skin, brighten: eyes, hair, make-up. Even remove tatoo's and bring out the best of your special day.

Photo Collages
We can take the best parts of your day and prepare a memorable and visually appealing photo collage.
Special Projects
Sky is the limit here! Tell us what you want. Get creative! Some of the Special Projects we have done include: cartooning photo's, creating images for christmas cards or birthday invitations, Moviestyle Posters, Turning Photo's into Drawings, Paintings, Watercolor, Artistic Effects and we can do soo much more! Don't hesitate to ask!

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