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Special Order Digital Greeting Cards          $10- $30 per image

cost is dependant on how much work is being requested. Most orders will be $10.00. Only very detailed works will increase in  price.

Red-Eye Removal                                        $2- $5 per image

cost is dependant on how many pairs of eyes need to be repaired in image (we fix red eye's, glowing eye's, people or animals)

Professional Photo Retouching                  $5-$10 an image

Skin smoothing, blemish removal, eye brightening, teeth brightening, removing flyaways, tattoos brightening or removing, changing make-up color or adding make-up etc.

 Minimal Restoration                                $15-$25 

includes colorizing using 3-5 colors, removing backgrounds, minimal repair of damage, minimal repair of faded color etc.


 Moderate Restoration                             $30-$40 

includes removing backgrounds, adjusting lighting, sharpening blurry images,moderate repair of damage, moderate repair of faded color. etc.


 Heavy Restoration                                   $45-$55

includes replacing backgrounds and adjusting lighting, sharpening blurry images,heavy repair of damage, heavy repair of faded color. etc.


 Severe Restoration                                  $60-$75

Severe restorations are often not recomended as usually they include images that have a severe loss of detail especially regarding facial features or complete pieces of images are missing, our artist will discuss with you the missing pieces and research to get a better picture of what the image is supposed to look like. We do our best to recreate what was there from your description. Often faces that have a severe loss of detail will have a painted appearance.


Email orders  



All email orders will recieve a high res image of thier restoration via email.

2-3 day turn-around

In many cases orders are finished next day.

Same day turn-around                    add $35

Mail-In Orders

All email orders will recieve a high res image of thier restoration via email.

5-7 day turn-around

Includes Restoration and HIgh Res digital image via email.

7-10 day turn-around 

When ordering prints and waiting to recieve original print back.

3 Day turn-around                     add $35 +shipping

Print Copies

7-10 day turn-around 

Shipping charges are additional and will be included in your quote.

8x10                  $4.99

5x7                    $3.99

4x6                    $2.99

2.5x3.5              $1.99

CD                     $6.99

Larger format prints can be requested but we suggest avoiding anything larger than an 8x10 to avoid loss of quality.

Photo Archiving

Let us Scan your images and preserve them in digital files.

$8.99 for first 10 images, $ .20 for each additional image. Includes CD. 

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