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1. Scan and Save your image to your computer.

2. Email or Mail the image to us.

3. Submit a Quote Request Form

4. Recieve Free Quote Via Email with invoice for payment via Paypal or credit card to confirm order.

5. Pay Invoice to confirm order.

6. Once payment is confirmed the restoration will begin. In 3-5 Days you will recieve a high resolution file of your restoration via email. in 5-7 days you will recieve via mail any additional prints or CD's that you ordered.

Scanning and Sending your Image to us for your Free Quote

Step 1- Scan
600 ppi/dpi for enlargments or 200 ppi/dpi for same size as origional, RGB (color) Mode, Only Scan Image

Step 2- Save
JPEG, save file as your Last Name, add 1,2,3etc if there are 2 or more photo's example: obrien2.jpeg

Step 3- Send
mail@bluephoenixphotorestorations.com , subject line: type your Last Name, Attach scanned files, Send

Step 4- Submit
Quote Request Form

Just follow the Guidelines Below

Scanning,Saving, Sending and Submitting Guidelines


    Scan and save your image at 600 ppi/dpi this resolution will allow you the ability to enlarge your photo from its original size up to 16x20. If you do not 
    plan on having enlargments made and will only be printing it at its original size scanning it at 200 ppi/dpi will be sufficient.
    Do not scan your photo with any special effects or filters provided by your scanner software.
    Scan both color and black & white images in RGB (color) mode.
    Use your scanner software's cropping tool to scan only the image, not the entire white scanner bed.

Note: If you don't have a scanner you can bring your photo's to a Rite Aid, Walmart, Kinkos or Target and have them scanned to a CD or find your nearest Kodak Picture Kiosk  and scan them to an Archive DVD yourself. If you obtain the scan from one of these  third party services you can skip the saving step and simply attach the images from the cd onto your email to send.


    When you are Saving your image be sure to save it as a JPEG.
    Click "save as" and insert your last name for the file name.
    If you are sending  two or more images you can add 1, 2, 3 etc. after the name. For example obrien1.jpg, obrien2.jpg, obrien3.jpeg
    Make a note of the file names and what folder you are saving to as it will make it easier for you to locate them later when attaching them to your email.

Sending Via Email:

    From your email enter our email address or simply click on mail@bluephoenixphotorestorations.com and your email should load on its own.
    In the subject line put your Last name.
    Attach the scanned files to the email and send.
    Once that is finished fill out our quote request form and submit.

Sending Via Mail:

   - If you do not have a scanner or a nearby place that you can scan your images to cd. You can send us the images via certified mail.
    -Once we recieve them we will contact you with your free quote.
    -Once accepted we will begin work and send you the link for payment.  As soon as the payment is confirmed we will begin work on the order.
    -When the project is completed you will recieve the completed file via email.
    -At that time you can let us know if you would like any further work done and request any additional print copies.
    -Once payment has been submitted for any additional items we will mail back your original image and other copies or CD's that you requested. We will include the cost for return shipping in your quote.

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