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Scanning, Saving and Submitting Images

Scanning, Saving and Submitting Images

  1. How should I save the image?

    Save your image as a high resolution JPEG. Insert your last name for the file name.

  2. How should I scan the image?

    First be sure that your scanner bed is free of dust. Place your image face down in the corner indicated for scanning on your scanner. Open your scanner software on your computer and select Preview. After the image has scanned adjust the guides on the screen around the image only. Go to advanced settings on your scanner menu and change the dpi/ppi to 600. Select Scan.  The image should open on your computer after it is scanned.  



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General Questions

  1. Do I get a print of my restoration?

    No. We only send you the High Resolution file of the image via email unless you specify that you want to order additional prints. You can download the High resolution file to your computer and have prints made from it up to 16x20.



  2. Do you keep my image on File?

    We will hold onto restorations for 3 months as a back-up for our customers. After that we cannot guarantee that we will have it on file. Please be sure to download your image when we send it to you and have a print made right away. So you are certain to have a copy of it.



  3. Can I order prints after the restoration is completed?

    Yes. You can either contact us in reference to your restoration telling us that you would like some prints or submit another quote request form and select the prints and quantity in the form.



  4. If I am unhappy with the work can I recieve a refund?

    We do not refund orders. We will complete the order based on your instructions and will allow one rework on your restoration provided you are not requesting additional services that you had not asked for in your original request. In the event you are asking for additional services we can modify your restoration for an additional fee.



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